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Spring: adding a splash of color

March is the transition from Winter to Spring. The warmer weather, birds singing and flowers popping up bring joy to many seniors in Colorado and across the nation. Even though retirement is well under way, many seniors still remember looking forward to fun summer days. That excitement is still in the air. Now, their kids are grown and have families of their own. If you have a loved one in an assisted living or nursing home, be sure to reach out and help them experience the hope that Spring brings us every year.

Nature. While your loved one may live a very comfortable life inside their cozy senior living home, it’s important to make sure they get out and experience the changes in nature. Plan a visit and encourage them to take a short walk in the fresh air. If they are wheelchair restricted or cannot walk very far, make sure to grab an extra blanket to bundle around them and choose a place to walk that is wheelchair accessible. Feeling the gentle warm breeze, the warm sunrays and noticing the colorful spring flowers popping up can bring so much comfort. You also get to spend time together. Many assisted living communities have walking paths or areas for residents to enjoy the outdoors. You could also consider going on a little outing to a park or garden if your loved one is able to tolerate longer day trips.

Easter Decoration

Spring and Easter go hand in hand. There is hope and excrement in the air. Help your senior decorate their home with a few colorful Easter pieces. It could be something small like a tablecloth in spring colors and an Easter basket packed with some goodies of course. Or a doormat with bright flowers and sunshine. Sometimes its little things that go a long way to brighten up a senior’s day. Always check to see if your loved one may have their own collection of seasonal decorations they may love. It may be just a little too much effort for them to pull out their beloved treasures and offering them some assistance may mean the world to them. It also gives you the opportunity to visit a bit and make sure they are doing well emotionally as well. And check in with their caregivers.

Bright yellow and pink. Flowers bring color and sunshine into our lives. Spring flowers come in all colors from shades of red to pinks and oranges and yellows. Plan a fun surprise and put together a bright flower basket filled with colorful tulips or daffodils. Your loved one can water the flowers every day and watch them continue to bloom. It’s a great way to bring the season indoors to them, especially if they spend most of their time inside their home. A pop of color and the smell of spring flowers can do wonders to brighten up days even when it’s still fairly cold outside. If your senior is less mobile, a bouquet of bright pink tulips in a vase will probably be more manageable for them to care for.

Small gifts. Colorful items frequently used can be fun surprises to bring along to your next visit. A light pink jacket, some soft pajamas or a bright blanket can go a long way to cheer grandma up. If it’s grandpa, try a new hat filled with colorful chocolate easter eggs. Or a new coffee mug. Fill their home with just a few splashes of color to remind them that Spring is here! For those with Alzheimer’s or memory impairment in Memory Care, touch base with their caregivers and find out what special items would be beneficial for them. Perhaps a simple brightly colored spring themed puzzle or book would be helpful and fun for them.

March is the time to start looking forward to all the good times ahead. Families are typically busy making summer plans, wrapping up school years and enjoying some outdoor activities. Be sure to bring the joy this season brings to your senior loved ones this year. Tell them about your plans and activities and send lots of pictures. Bring some color and sunshine into their lives!

2 responses to “Spring: adding a splash of color

  1. These are great ideas to help make spring feel more alive for our seniors! We always loved taking window pens and drawing Easter decorations on their windows (if the assisted living facility allows) and short personal messages. That way when they look outside to see the nice weather they are reminded of the ones that love them!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment, Ester! And what a wonderful way you were able to make your senior feel loved and appreciated!

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