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This is an update regarding Notice for COVID-19. To view more updates, click here.

Update from the Executive Director

Posted on June 10, 2020

Greetings all,

To date we remain Covid free in our community.  I am grateful to be able to continue to share that good news.  With your help in wearing masks, keeping your distance, quarantining after appointments, we are keeping the virus out of RCN.

I have had conversations regarding testing and current restrictions with state and local officials.

As far as testing, as a community with over 100 residents, we are on the list to receive test materials as soon as they become available.  We asked for personnel to train our nurses to test, upon which they would administer the tests going forward.

It sounds like when the testing begins, it will take place every week for several weeks.  All residents and employees will be tested.  I have been told that everyone will need to consent, so when we receive the materials, you will be notified.

Regarding lifted restrictions, the State Health Department and Governor’s office are working on allowing a “48-hour pass” for visitation after a negative Covid-19 test.

Resumption of communal dining with distancing and salon services are both addressed in the same guidance and protocol document that was sent over to the Governor’s office yesterday.  I have been told we should hear something soon.

We know this isolation is affecting the mental health of our residents.  Please know that in addition to the medication and ADL assistance administered by our care staff, we as RCN employees are taking extra time to visit residents and make sure their social needs are met the best way possible during the restrictions.

Michelle is making Skype and Facetime calls almost daily.  Please reach out to her if you have not already.

Thank you for wearing masks, keeping your distance during porch and window visits, and adhering to other CDC guidance.

We sure hope to get back to some sense of normalcy soon and I will update you with information as soon as I become aware.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or comments you may have.


Mary, ED