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Staff Feature: Dion Maes

Dion Maes is our dedicated and compassionate care director at Ralston Creek Neighborhood, a senior living community located in Arvada, Denver, Colorado. Since joining the team in February 2022, Dion has been responsible for ensuring that the residents receive the highest level of care and attention to meet their healthcare needs.

Leading a team of 30 staff members, Dion oversees the well-being of the community’s 130 residents. His role involves closely monitoring medications, following up with nurses and residents to see if any medications need to be adjusted, and promptly reporting any changes in a resident’s condition to both the family members and doctors involved in their care.

Additionally, Dion plays a vital role in scheduling the clinical staff for both assisted living and memory care. He organizes monthly meetings where the team discusses resident-related updates, addresses any staff concerns, and invites external experts to provide specialized training. For instance, he arranges fall assistance training sessions with the local fire department to educate staff on how to respond in the event of a fall and how to safely assist residents.

Dion also takes part in celebrating the staff at Ralston Creek Neighborhood. Last summer, they organized a special event featuring a snow cone truck, which was a big hit with the team!

With his certifications as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP), Dion has firsthand experience in providing care to residents in non-skilled assisted living homes. His licenses enable him to administer medications and to further ensure the well-being of the residents in his care.

Dion’s journey into management began with his experience in senior group homes for individuals with Alzheimer’s in Lakewood, CO. Prior to that, he worked with young people recovering from and living with traumatic brain injuries. Transitioning to assisted living, Dion found his passion for working with seniors. He noted that with seniors, the roles are reversed and the parents become like kids again. “I have compassion for the geriatric population, I love spending time with them, and it’s very important to me that they have an excellent quality of life.”

Dion Maes’s dedication, expertise, and compassionate approach make him an invaluable asset to Ralston Creek Neighborhood. His commitment to the well-being of the residents and his desire to provide nurturing and supportive care contribute to creating a thriving and vibrant community for seniors in Arvada, Denver, Colorado.

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